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Bucharest-my Love (II)

As I can see, a lot of foreigners are reading this, enjoying it and are promising to show it to their friends.

Because the first article is about coming to Bucharest from the airport Henri Coanda (Otopeni) and reaching the Romana Square, I''ll continue the story.

For foreigners coming here, to visit our city, Bucharest it's the capital of Romania, for people leaving here it's more than that.

First of all you will reach the Romana Square, where The Academy for Economic Studies is situated in an old and beautiful huge building, on the left side. Howard Johnson Hotel is situated in the area. If you want to go in the middle of the city and to reach the University Square you will follow on Nicolae Balcescu Boulevard, or you could go on Calea Victoriei Boulevard, which is the next on the right side.

Close to Romana Square, between Balcescu Boulevard and Calea Victoriei there is a market for fruits, vegetables and food. This market for food is called: Amzei market. It's good to know for people coming here.

Nicolae Balcescu Boulevard is one of the main street of our city. Old and nice buildings, exquisite shops, old hotels like: Ambasador and Lido are situated here, as well as new hotels. Restaurants, fast foods, confectioneries, body shops, banks, fragrance shops, book shops are situated here. Nicolae Balcescu boulevard is followed by Magheru boulevard untill the University Square and it's continuing with Ion Campineanu boulevard. Close to University square, on the left side when coming from the airport, you could find "Libraria Noi" (ex. Sala Dalles) where books, CD and DVD about Romania, Bucharest, our history and culture could be bought. Also nice music on CD and DVD you could buy from here. From time to time here exhibitions are organized: selling books at very good prices at Kilipirim, or presents, gifts for any occasions.

There also painting galleries like Simeza on the left side, or Orizont on the right side.

Theaters like Nottara and TNB-The National Theatre are situated on the left side. Hotel Intercontinental is situated on the left side, close to University Square and TNB.

On the third episod I'll continue the story about Bucharest with Calea Victoriei Avenue's details.

http://bucuresti.com.ro/ here you could find the map for Bucharest.

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