marți, 15 iulie 2008

About fashion in Romania

This post is not for all Romanians, but for most of them.

When we are talking about fashion here, it’s important to consider that Romanians are more classical in their choises; fancy clothes are accepted in a smaller percentage in comparison with other European countries. I realized recently that a lot of big brand names undestood this and that’s why they are still on the market. Kenvelo for example has a lot of classical t-shirts and pants this season at reasonable prices, that’s why they are selling. Before their styles were more sofisticated and very expensive. The report between the cloth and the price should be reasonable, otherwise you could not survive here. United Colours of Beneton and Stefanel did not resist on our market even if they are very big and popular abroad. The reason I think is the range of items offered and on the first place the price: too high. Or, perhaps they came too early on a market still growing.

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