luni, 18 august 2008

Petitie impotriva otravirii cainilor pe strazile din Romania

Atunci cand promovam petitia impotriva vanatorii in rezervatii mi s-a atras atentia ca exista o petitie impotriva otravirii cainilor din Romania. Cainii strazii exista si in alte tari, dar se pare ca Romania este campioana la otravirea acestora prin metode perverse. Noi iubim cainii in continuare si suntem oripilati de astfel de practici barbare. Prietenii nostri cu patru labute nu au nici o vina ca s-au nascut.
Aici este materialul primit de la Rozalia:

A night of terror in the city of Gaesti, county of Dambovita. The inhabitants were shocked to find tens of stray dogs dead or struggling in agony. It seems that the employees of the townhall wanted this way to get rid of the stray dogs.

Although there was an investigation the inhabitants fear that the criminals will not be punished. In the video you can see that even puppies fell victims of this poisoning campaign.

At the end of the video there are other videos, if you click on the one starting with "imagini socante' you'll see shocking images of a dog struggling after the poisoning.



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