vineri, 9 ianuarie 2009

The nightmare

I had a bad dream last night, in fact I had a nightmare...It's not happening so often to me, but when it happens...
I was in Thassos, in the island, with my whole family. Suddenly the waters, the sea came with huge waves and starts covering the beach, the streets in the village, in town. I was with my husband and my kids had disapeared and I couldn't see, find them. I start calling them loud and clear, louder and louder. When I realized that waters are coming and I can not find them I have started to run and then I understood that I remained alone, only unknown people were around me and the town was unfamiliar to me. I start asking people how to escape: some of them suggested to follow the road through the forest in order to reach the hills, the mountain. Others suggested to go inside a block of flats and to remain inside the building till the end of the storm, or tzunami, or what it was. I was alone and very anxious. I don't remember what decision I took finally because I have fallen asleep. What I remember is that I intended to leave the bed, but I couldn't...

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